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21 Reasons the Iran Deal is a Bad Deal

The more we find out about the Iran nuclear deal, the worse it looks. Each new day Congress reviews this deal, we discover more information and more reasons why this deal is simply unacceptable: 1. Though the deal was originally being negotiated to keep Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, in its final form the agreement would a...READ MORE

House Works to Protect America’s Veterans

Washington, D.C. – In a combined effort to ensure the nation’s more than 21 million veterans receive the quality care they deserve, today the House passed two important pieces of legislation aimed at improving the Department responsible for their care. With the support of Alaska Congressman Don Young, the House today sent H.R. 1...READ MORE

House Coast Guard Subcommittee Addresses Foreign Oil Spills and Ice Breakers

Washington, D.C. – Two bills cosponsored by Alaska Congressman Don Young were considered in the House Transportation and Infrastructure Coast Guard Subcommittee today – one to update the Oil Pollution Act (OPA) of 1990 as it relates to foreign spills, another to establish a funding process for the alteration, renovation, lease o...READ MORE