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Congressman Young Votes in Support of Resolution to Begin Impeachment Inquiry

The Congress Must Continue To Move Forward To Search For The Truth

Alaska Congressman Don Young voted in support of H. Res. 581, a Privileged Resolution to open an Inquiry to determine whether to impeach the president of the United States. The resolution directs the Judiciary Committee to investigate whether sufficient grounds exist for the House to impeach President Clinton. This resolution passed by a vote of 258-176.

"I believe we must continue to move the process forward in order to deal with the serious felony allegations documented against the president. Being truthful to the American people is part of our system of justice. Americans deserve to know the full truth about this issue in a fair and complete manner," said Rep. Young.

The Democrat Alternative would establish an arbitrary time limit that could invite stalling tactics and/or a rush to final judgement. Congress should not be forced to rush such a serious decision, impeachment is much to serious. Rushing an important decision on impeachment would not be fair to the president or American people. It is imperative that Congress continue to handle the impeachment inquiry in a extremely careful and complete manner."

The procedures for today's floor debate were identical to those followed during consideration of the Watergate resolution in 1974.

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