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Kodiak Launch: A Success

Kodiak is reality for the future of space launches

Anchorage, AK - Alaska Congressman Don Young was pleased with yesterday's successful rocket launch from Kodiak, Alaska. The Air Force atmospheric interceptor technology vehicle was successfully launched and provided a threat representative trajectory against early warning radars on the West Coast of the United States.

"The successful launch of ait-1 shows that Alaska has a bright future in the aerospace industry. The launch capability from the Kodiak Launch Complex, demonstrates that a commercial spaceport can provide economic opportunity and aerospace development in Alaska," said Rep. Young. "The launch was successful because of the team effort involved. The Alaska Aerospace Development Corporation, Air Force and associated contractors exemplified the team effort that has gone into making Alaska part of the future in aerospace services."

The ait-1 launch vehicle carried a payload that contained five experiments into a trajectory that tested atmospheric technologies. The five experiments in the payload included testing a Global Positioning System antenna, Honeywell GPS Measure Unit, Electromagnetic Radio Tornography experiment, Lengmuir probe and an Air Force nosetip.

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