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Rep. Young Slams Decision By Administration To Halt Exploration

Washington, D.C.Alaskan Congressman Don Young released the following statement this morning following news from the Administration that consideration of any applications for exploratory drilling in the Arctic has been suspended until 2011:

“I am incredibly disappointed in this irrational and careless decision.  It is based only in response to the hysteria of interest groups that want to cripple our country.  The Administration’s decision is not based on substance but on style and on a hope of being deemed effective, even though their actions will have the opposite effect.  This emotional decision is the worst economic decision the Administration has made and it is wrong for the country, plain and simple.  

“The U.S. imported over 77.8 billion barrels of oil over the last 20 years!  This past year alone we imported close to 70% of the oil we consumed.  This is money we have sent to foreign countries, many of which are hostile to us, while our own country has been hurting.  These oil leases provide jobs and revenue as well as much needed fuel to a country that is currently beholden to foreign countries for its energy needs.  

“The kind of event that happened in the Gulf, while tragic, is so uncommon; it is akin to an American jetliner crashing.  If a plane goes down, we don’t stop flying.  We figure out what went wrong and correct the problem.  Similarly, we don’t stop drilling for oil and gas in America.  When the Exxon Valdez ran aground on Bligh Reef, we didn’t shut down the Trans Alaska Pipeline.  We passed OPA 90 to correct the errors that occurred.  We need to figure out what went wrong and fix the problem and not put our economy in further gridlock because of fear mongering from extremists.  It’s not smart and it’s not right.”  


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