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Rep. Young Starts 112th With Introduction of Three Bills

Alaskan Congressman Don Young introduced three bills today, on the first day of the 112th Congress.  

H.R.  39, to delist the Polar Bear – this legislation would delist the polar bear as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act of 1973.

“Listing an animal as ‘threatened’ despite its increasing populations is absurd and incredibly irresponsible,” said Rep. Young.  “This listing threatens the economic well-being of hardworking Alaskans.  My legislation sets America back on the path to responsible development and prosperity.”

H.R. 49 the American Energy Independence and Price Reduction Act - will use revenues from the oil and gas production in a 2,000 acre section of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for a vast array of renewable energy programs.

“I introduced this bill in both the 110th and 111th Congress’ because it is one of the most comprehensive energy bills out there,” said Rep. Young.  “It has attracted bipartisan support and was included as part of the Republican ‘All of the Above’ energy plan.  Using our modern technologies and the strictest of environmental regulations, we could have ANWR online within five years.  From there, the revenues from the lease sales will fund a wide variety of renewable and alternative energy projects.  Unfortunately, we have suffered from short-sighted leadership in the House for the past four years who believed in an energy policy of ‘NO.’  Under our new leadership, I look forward to finally bringing energy solutions to the American people.” 

H.R. 50 The Multinational Species Conservation Funds Reauthorization Act - reauthorizes the African Elephant Conservation Act, the Rhinoceros and Tiger Conservation Act, and the Asian Elephant Conservation Act.

“These acts have been three of the most effective conservation laws ever approved by the Congress,” said Rep. Young.  “This small investment of tax dollars has made a tremendous difference in the fight to save these species from extinction.  However, the battle has not been won and it is essential that we reauthorize these two highly effective conservation funds.”


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