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Young Comments on Pending Executive Order to Further Restrict Second Amendment Rights of Law Abiding Citizens

Washington, D.C.Alaska Congressman Don Young today shared the following statement in response to actions reportedly being taken by the Obama Administration to further restrict Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans:

“When the President doesn’t get his way – on immigration, healthcare, gun control – it seems he operates in some sort of parallel universe, one void of Congress and the Constitution. For years, the Obama Administration and his anti-gun advocates have pushed to dramatically restrict the Second Amendment rights of law abiding Americans, and for years the American people and Congress have pushed back. It appears now that the President is preparing to circumvent the will of the people by announcing an Executive Order to further restrict gun ownership in the United States. While specific details have yet to be released, it has become clear that these actions will be made unilaterally and without consent of the body authorized to make or change laws.

“We can all agree that the recent violence in this country has been both heartbreaking and tragic, however many proposals being discussed to combat these crimes would do little to prevent them because those determined to commit evil, including criminals and the mentally ill, continue to break our laws.  Rather than acting around Congress or proposing new laws that jeopardize our Constitutional rights and target countless law-abiding citizens, the Obama administration should be focused on effectively enforcing existing laws.

“As a proud gun owner and firm believer in the Constitution, I stand committed to fighting back against any actions by the President to unilaterally change gun laws in this country.” 


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