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Young Responds to President’s Executive Actions on Guns

“What He’s Really Trying to Do is Disarm the Citizenry of America”

Washington, D.C.Alaska Congressman Don Young today shared the following video message is response to the Obama Administration’s executive actions on guns in the United States:

Congressman Young shares thoughts on executive actions to further restrict Second Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans (click here to watch). 

“January 5th, 2016 will go down in history as one of the saddest days in America, in Alaska especially, because of Obama’s statement on executive actions on guns in America. If you see what he’s trying to do, he’s taking everything away from the Congress. His argument to the general public is, ‘well the Congress hasn’t acted.’ We are the voice of the people.  If the people wanted us to do this as he’s doing then it would’ve been done. Remember, when the Democrats were in full majority they couldn’t do it because the people didn’t want it done. This is what America is about.

“Why I say this is a sad day is because I am now seeing the decline of the great United States of America led by one person, the president of the United States, who thinks he’s the king. It’s unfair, it’s unconstitutional and I doubt overall he’ll be able to do it. Just the attempt to do it takes away from the Second Amendment, which is the Second Amendment I’ve supported all my career, all my life, and I’ll continue to support it.

“I noticed that he’s proposed additional FBI agents, additional ATF agents – people to implement what he’s proposing. That’s one way we as a Congress can stop it. I have no objection checking for mental illness. I have no objection to that. But when it says if I’m a seller, or I’m a father, and I want to sell a gun to my brother, or my uncle, or my kids and I have to get a license to do so – this is an expansion of what he’s trying to do. And what he’s really trying to do is disarm the citizenry of America. This has been the progressives position all along so the government can tell you what to do, and how to do it, and when to do it, with no concept of freedom.

“Again, this is a sad day for me, but we’re going to fight it every inch of the way. The Second Amendment is sacred; it is the most major amendment to all the other amendments including the First Amendment. You can’t keep the First Amendment if you don’t have the Second Amendment.

“We’re going to work on this all the way, and we’re going to continue to work with the Congress to make sure this president doesn’t get his way. That’s not the real danger though. The real danger is who becomes the next president. If that president follows Obama’s footsteps it’s going to be no more America, no more United States of America. It’s going to be a monarchy, the king who sits in a chair – or queen, this we don’t know. So it’s very important in November to think about this as you go to the polls. It’s important to keep this country free. I don’t want to be Europe. I don’t want to be Australia. I don’t want to be Canada. I want to be the United States of America and that’s what I’m working for.”



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