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Young Named to Powerful Conference Committee, Hand-Picked to Defend ANWR Title in Pro-Growth Tax Reform Measure

Washington, D.C. - Today, Alaska Congressman Don Young was named by House Speaker Paul Ryan to serve on the powerful Conference Committee tasked with producing the final terms of tax reform legislation that contains the pathway to open the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) coastal plain to responsible resource development. The House affirmed the Speaker's appointment of conferees by a vote of 222-192.

"This has always been a team effort, one that required our delegation to fire on all cylinders at each and every turn.  Now that we head to a Conference Committee - the group responsible for negotiating a pathway to the president's desk - I will do everything in my power to ensure this important moment to unlock ANWR's energy resources does not pass us by,”
said Congressman Young.“It's been over 40 years since this battle began - a generation's long battle that is finally coming to a head. I thank Speaker Ryan and the House Leadership for recognizing my role in this important debate and for entrusting me to be part of the effort to craft an agreement that will positively improve the lives of Alaskans and Americans for generations to come. I commend the work of both Senator Murkowski and Senator Sullivan, the dedicated staff on the Energy Natural Resources Committee, and the countless Alaskans who have stood by our side to make this a reality. It's a remarkable place to be, especially given the dire straits we were in as an energy producing state only two years ago. Although we have faced many challenges and crossed many roadblocks, we as Alaskans have never been deterred. Our resilience and determination to win the day has never been stronger and I look forward to bringing Alaska the victory on ANWR they have long deserved. There is still a long way to go in our unified effort to unleash Alaska's true energy potential, but I am committed to getting this across the finish line."

“This Conference Committee has been tasked with the important responsibility of helping deliver tax relief across the finish line,” said House Speaker Paul Ryan. “Don’s expertise and passion for unleashing America’s energy potential makes him a crucial member of this Committee. I am looking forward to his leadership on this issue and throughout the conference process.”

Congressman Don Young, the longest serving House Republican, notably a member of the Conference Committee that yielded major impact to the Alaska economy and energy sector. In 1973, he served on the Conference Committee that negotiated the final terms of the Trans Alaska Pipeline Act, legislation that authorized the right-of-way and construction of the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System (TAPs). Congressman Young has consistently worked with his colleagues to allow for responsible resource development in ANWR, leading the House to pass ANWR legislation on 12 separate occasions.


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