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Young Statement on Federal Government Shutdown

Alaska Congressman Don Young released the following statement after Senate Democrats voted to shut down the federal government: 

“I am disappointed to see that Senate Democrats are playing politics with funding the federal government. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer is putting his political party above what’s best for our country. That is neither the way to govern nor the job he was elected to do. By trying to tack on an immigration reform measure to this Continuing Resolution (CR), he is abandoning the legislative process which Congress has a responsibility to defend. This is an ineffective approach to solving the bigger issue of immigration reform and puts millions of lives at risk to make a shameful political ploy.

"As Dean of the House, I have experienced more than a dozen shutdowns and quite frankly, they aren’t the answer. Shutting down the government is incredibly irresponsible and a misguided strategy. In the House, we passed a CR that will keep the government open through next month which would allow us to finalize a long-term solution. By voting against this bill, Senate Democrats deliberately chose to deny funding to the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), our military, and the thousands of Americans that rely on the federal government functioning properly. We all recognize the CR is a temporary solution but one of the main responsibilities of Congress is to fund the government. Our constituents sent us to Washington to keep our government running, and I believe we must fulfill that duty.”


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