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Congressman Don Young Statement on EPA Pebble Mine Decision

Washington, D.C. – Today, following a decision by the Environmental Protection Agency to lift Obama-era restrictions and resume consideration of the proposed Pebble Mine in Bristol Bay, Alaska Congressman Don Young issued the following statement:

“This ongoing debate has never been about Pebble Mine itself. Whether somebody is for or against Pebble Mine, I believe we can all agree that we must support a scientific and evidence-based approach as to whether it should be permitted in the first place. Today’s decision by the EPA is an important win for the science behind a fair and impartial Environmental Impact Study. The Obama-era EPA restrictions only served to delay important and necessary environmental assessments, and I am pleased that we can finally move forward on this longstanding issue.

Let us complete a scientific assessment. Let the Army Corps of Engineers use the process created under the National Environmental Protection Act to complete the EIS. Let us allow the scientific process to determine what effect, if any, this mine would have on Bristol Bay. Until then, I will continue focusing my efforts on allowing scientists to finish their research so that we may come to a determination on the proposed Pebble project.”


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