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Congressman Don Young Issues Statement Following U.S. Army Corps Decision to Deny Permit to Pebble Mine

Washington, D.C. – Following a decision by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to deny a permit to the proposed Pebble Mine, Alaska Congressman Don Young issued the following statement:

“From the very beginning of the debate surrounding Pebble Mine, I have been consistent in my position that we needed to allow the process to play out and that decision making should be based on sound science. Today, it appears that the process has concluded. This is state land, and to me, this has always been a states' rights issue. Although I thank the Army Corps of Engineers for their work and am confident that they faithfully followed the process, I remain disappointed that the federal government gets to decide before Alaskans do. Now there must be a consideration of how the federal government will compensate the State for the loss of economic potential. The proposed mine has always been subject to political intrigue and the whims of outsiders who simply do not understand our state. Throughout my career, I have always defended our right to extract oil and minerals responsibly. Going forward, I will continue fighting to ensure that proposed projects are fairly judged on their merits, so that the voices of outside extremists do not stifle Alaska's potential for jobs and economic growth.”


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