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Congressman Don Young Cosponsors Resolution Honoring Members of the National Guard

Washington, D.C. This week, Alaska Congressman Don Young cosponsored a bipartisan resolution to honor the dedicated service of U.S. National Guard members. The bill commends and recognizes the brave men and women who were instrumental in providing a safe and secure environment for the 59th Presidential Inauguration. Among the National Guard members who secured the grounds of the U.S. Capitol were approximately 80 airmen and soldiers of the Alaska National Guard.

“I am very proud and extremely grateful to the airmen and soldiers of the Alaska National Guard who traveled to Washington, D.C., to help ensure the safety and security of the 59th Presidential Inauguration,” said Congressman Don Young. “On January 20th, we witnessed a peaceful transfer of power, as we have for over 200 years; the National Guard was instrumental in securing this great American tradition. The Guard’s motto is ‘Always Ready, Always There,’ and during a time of great need, the National Guard answered the call on behalf of our democracy and institutions. I am proud to cosponsor this resolution, which is just one small way to recognize these heroic men and women. I especially want to thank the members of the Alaska National Guard who traveled thousands of miles to complete their mission. They are among some of Alaska’s best and brightest, and I am deeply thankful for their service. May God Bless Alaska and may God Bless our troops!”


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