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Congressman Don Young’s Video Message and Statement Following House Passage of Democrat Reconciliation Bill

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, following House passage of H.R. 5367, the Build Back Better Act, Alaska Congressman Don Young released the following statement and video remarks.

"This morning, I voted NO on the Democrats' so-called Build Back Better Act, sometimes known as ‘the reconciliation bill.’ This multi-trillion dollar far-left spending spree will put us further into debt, raise taxes on almost all Americans, and further wreck our energy sector. As a country, we simply cannot afford this misguided, partisan wish list,” said Congressman Don Young. “Just this week, a new analysis from the Tax Foundation, an independent think tank, determined that over 96% of congressional districts across the country would see a tax increase. This comes despite President Biden's promise that no American making under $400,000 would see a tax increase. This isn’t even to mention the inflation which, frankly, is a tax on everyone. People across the country are facing difficulties putting food on the dinner table and fuel in their gas tanks. If this disastrous legislation becomes law, it could cause economic ruin for Alaskan families.

What else does this bureaucratic bailout do? It takes your hard-earned money and uses it to hire 80,000 more IRS enforcement agents. It seems the only law enforcement agents Democrats want to fund are the ones who can spy on your personal finances and monitor your purchases.

The disastrous tax provisions do not end there. The Joint Committee on Taxation's recent assessment of the bill shows large tax cuts for those making more than $1 million a year, while the smallest cuts go to those making $40,000-$50,000. President Biden says these Americans are getting a tax cut, but the sad truth is any hypothetical benefit to them is completely wiped out because the bill imposes a new tax on natural gas. Everyone using natural gas to heat their homes this winter, especially Alaskans, could be paying 30% more. That is just plain wrong.

This bill is madness. If it passes the Senate and makes its way to the President's desk, families across the country will pay even more for groceries, fuel, and utilities. They will be pushed to the brink so that Democrats can fund the programs within their socialist grab bag bill while my constituents are forced to work harder to subsidize the lifestyles of those who are already wealthy.

We have got to stop this. In the coming weeks, I will be working with my colleagues in the Senate to push against this insanity. The President's approval rating is underwater. Although he may think raising taxes and spending trillions can help him turn around his public image, hardworking Alaskan families will only be left out in the cold to foot the bill," the Congressman concluded.

To watch Congressman Young’s video message, click
here. To download the video as an .mp4 file, click here.

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