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Congressman Don Young Announces $20 Million Department of Transportation RAISE Grant for Cordova’s South Harbor Restoration Project

WASHINGTON, D.C. Today, Alaska Congressman Don Young announced that the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) has awarded $20 million to the City of Cordova for the ongoing rebuild of its South Harbor. This initiative will restore the South Harbor docks and floats, in addition to providing funding for sheet piling, dredging, and construction of a new drive-down floatplane and vessel service dock. Congressman Young has been a long-time supporter of this project. This year, he worked with stakeholders in Cordova and leaders within DOT to identify the South Harbor restoration as a priority funding project. A one-page fact sheet from DOT can be found here.

"We must be doing all that we can to keep the wheels of our economy moving forward. One way to make this happen is to ensure Alaskans have access to safe, reliable infrastructure," said Congressman Don Young. "Cordova Harbor is one of Alaska's largest single-basin harbors. Whether it is tourists, fish, food, fuel, or other supplies, Cordova is front-and-center to our state's economic well-being. I have been a long-time supporter of the City's South Harbor restoration project. I am proud to announce that as the result of our efforts, the Department of Transportation has awarded $20 million to the City of Cordova for this vital project. Alaskans know how important infrastructure is to me, and this is yet another example of what can happen when Alaskans come together behind a cause and work with my office to get it done. The improvements to South Harbor will be extensive and include safety hazard removal, water pollution prevention, and greater resiliency and disaster preparedness. I want to thank Cordova Mayor Clay Koplin for his commitment to Cordova's infrastructure and for his valuable partnership as we worked to secure funding. I am also grateful to Secretary Buttigieg for recognizing the great need to invest in Cordova. Alaskans can count on me to continue working with friends on both sides of the aisle on behalf of our state's infrastructure needs."

“Cordova is grateful for Congressman Young's assistance in securing this important investment in refurbishing and upgrading Cordova's harbor. As host to the largest commercial fishing fleet in Alaska, growing cruise ship visitor industry, US Coast Guard, commercial, and private maritime industry needs, our aged harbor is in dire need of renovation. Seafood has become one of the top five imports into the US exceeding $18 billion, and Cordova has ranked as high as 5th largest seafood delivery port in the nation; averaging the 11th largest over the past decade,” said Cordova Mayor Clay Koplin. “As we renovate critical harbor infrastructure and pursue our longer-term goal of much-needed expansion of harbor space, upland space, and docks for our growing maritime and blue mariculture and aquaculture economies, we know that we can count on Congressman Young to support the thousands of commercial fishermen, fishing crews, seafood processors, and adjacent businesses small and large who benefit from Cordova's waterfront infrastructure.”


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