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Congressman Don Young Introduces Legislation to Raise Awareness of Teen Dating Violence, Honor Young Alaskan Taken Too Soon

Washington, D.C.   Today, Alaska Congressman Don Young introduced legislation to designate a provision in federal education law in honor of Breanna “Bree” Moore to help raise awareness of the tragic epidemic of teen dating violence. In 2014, Bree, a 20-year-old Alaskan, was tragically murdered by her boyfriend. Following the devastating loss of their daughter, Butch and Cindy Moore launched critical advocacy efforts to raise awareness of dating violence and provide support to help individuals escape these violent situations.

“The senseless murder of Breanna Moore is a very dark mark on our state, and a devastating loss for her family. Bree’s memory is still with us; her love, passion for life, kindness, and generosity were proof of just how loved she was by all around her. Although I did not have the good fortune of knowing Bree, her story and the tragic events that led to her death are a constant reminder that we must stay watchful and continue fighting our country’s epidemic of domestic abuse and dating violence,” said Congressman Don Young. “Bree should still be with us, and I will be honest, I wish there were no need to introduce this legislation. But in the cause of securing justice for Bree and countless victims like her, we must push forward. The Public Health Service Act contains crucial provisions to improve the health and safety of young people, including the prevention of dating violence. By designating these programs in remembrance of Bree, we can raise awareness of these crimes, help get young people out of dangerous situations, and save lives. I am thankful for the tireless advocacy of Bree’s parents, Butch and Cindy Moore. Despite the heartbreak and tragedy imposed upon them, they continue working to prevent other families from experiencing the tragedy they did. I call on all Alaskans to continue staying vigilant against dating violence – lives depend on it.”

"In 2014, my husband and I lost our beautiful daughter Bree to dating violence. Since that time, we have advocated for change by passing two Alaska laws. Both require teen dating violence awareness education to be taught to our youth. The attention this has created has resulted in a significant drop in teen dating violence. Our goal is to make this education available to every state free of charge, because all of our youth deserve healthy relationships. We thank Congressman Don Young for introducing this Bree's Law legislation to combat teen dating violence, and we urge all members of Congress to support this life-saving legislation," said Bree’s parents, Butch and Cindy Moore.  


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